Exterior Renderings

Detailed 3D renderings of proposed projects are useful to achieve client buy-in and faster processing through the approval process. 3D renderings help at all stages of development. We can build realistic models from conceptual sketches or detailed CAD models. Using natural lighting and realistic textures your designs comes to life. With over 20 years experience developing models, we optimize the designs to allow for easier project changes. Take these models a step closer to reality using virtual reality headsets. These headsets immerse you into the design with actual size models. Call us for a demonstration.

Interior Renderings

Interacta builds realistic 3D models of interiors. These models are used for fundraising efforts, space planning, facilities management and interactive tours. We start with your plans and add in the details. The finished products can be still renderings, animated fly-throughs or immersive interactive virtual reality experiences.

Landscape Renderings

We can simulate your project with realistic landscaping. Our advanced 3D tools allow for variations of each tree placement so that your landscapes do not look like billboard images. With a large selection of plants we can provide everything from site screening trees to planter beds in the window sills.

Product Renderings

We use the latest 3D applications to build any type of product model. These can be organic designs or mechanical components. Adding various material and textures to each surface, we can generate a complete library of product configurations that can be used for marketing. With interactive versions of these models sales personnel will not need to carry extensive number of product samples to potential clients. These tools also allow for sales personnel to find the right configuration for their clients before any samples are made. We want to help you provide the best products to your clients while reducing samples and time to market.