Accurate Photo Simulations

We incorporate your CAD data into accurate 3D site models. These models are textured and integrated into actual photos and videos of the proposed building site. The finished rendering provide a realistic representation of the project upon build-out. The rendering are often used for Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs) or for board approvals. Simulations can show various stages of tree growth to analyze project as planted or at full growth. Once the initial simulations are completed, alternative designs can be integrated into the model for side-by-side comparisons.

Proven Engineering Approach

We have a proven approach for developing accurate photo simulations. We build accurate site models from the proposed grading plan. Next, we import or create 3D buildings from hand sketches or detailed CAD drawings. The building are textured to match the color boards. All of these elements are integrated into a detailed 3D site model. Detailed landscaping is added per the landscape plan. We take professional photographs of the proposed site and integrate them into the 3D site model. Upon completion and some photoshop cleanup the final simulations are presented in PDF or PowerPoint format. Included in the presentation is a map showing the view locations and side-by-side comparisons of the project before and after proposed development.