see what’s possible

architectural renderings

We make it possible for you to view the project from any angle or elevation – walk-through or fly-over. We customize the style of each rendering to match your company image or to set a desired tone.

architectural photo simulations

We develop accurate architectural photo simulations for large and small development. Start with simple massing models for conceptual design studies or we can develop detailed models with landscaping for photo realistic renderings. Our proven process has been used in many Environmental Impact Reports.

virtual reality interiors

Interacta provides interior renderings and virtual walkthroughs. We can simulate new designs or 3d scan your existing units. Use web based content to capture your audience. Enhance the experience with virtual reality glasses.

product simulations

Our realistic modeling techniques allow for exploring various design options including shape, colors and textures. We can also help rebrand your current products with new graphics.

engineering simulations

We can simulate your CAD designs for marketing and training your products.


Interacta provides a wide range of presentation solutions, from PowerPoint files to fully interactive 3d applications. Please contact us to discuss the various solutions we have to meet your individual needs.